Esin Saribudak in front of her bookshelf

hello, friend!

I'm Esin

I'm a software engineer and tech educator who loves using code to solve problems. See some of my projects here!

When I'm not building applications, I like to read, walk, play piano, bake (no soggy bottoms), and solve coding challenges.


Gallery view of Rijksgalerij


Rijksgalerij is an application for users to interact with the Rijksmuseum API. The Rijksmuseum API makes the museum website's collection accessible to developers all over the world, and inspired the creation of Rijksgalerij, a virtual art gallery.

COVID-19 Data

This application is a straightforward access point for up-to-date statistics on COVID-19 confirmed cases, deaths, and recoveries by country.

Built using ReactJS for a SPA with dynamic client-side rendering, React Router for page navigation, and React Bootstrap for out-of-the-box styled components and mobile responsiveness.

					page for COVID-19 Data
User home page for Travelogue. Wireframe of user home page for Travelogue.


Travelogue is a travel diary application that allows users to document their journeys. Registered users have full CRUD functionality on their entries.

I built Travelogue's backend using a Django REST Framework and PostgreSQL database, and deployed via Heroku.

I chose the React.js framework to build the frontend because of its dynamic client-side component rendering.

I planned out the application's major page views using Balsamiq.


Cheerup! is a corner of the Internet where you'll find #positivevibes only. It's a full-stack application with full-CRUD functionality for registered users.

I built cheerup! on a Node/Express.js server with MongoDB and view-templating via Handlebars. User-authentication implemented with Passport.js.

Screenshot of the home page of cheerup!
Screenshot of Star Trek TNG Trivia Quiz home page

Trivia Quiz

I blended my loves for science-fiction and coding by building a Star Trek: The Next Generation Trivia Quiz.

This frontend-only quiz was built using HTML5, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript. It tracks the user's score and provides the results upon completion of the quiz.

DG Desserts

I worked with a team of three other engineers to build this open-source, ad-free Dessert Recipe CRUD application in five days.

We used the MERN stack and deployed the API via Heroku and the React UI via GitHub pages.

We followed an Agile/Scrum workflow, with a Scrum master, daily standups and sprints.

Screenshot of DG Dessert Zone homepage